Hope Rudzinski

Empty Space 

All she wanted was love  
Even though she never was able to love herself  
Ending up with random bodies underneath her  
To fulfill her temporary desires 
She was sad when he left her  
With a heart that wasn’t emptied  
A bed that was 
And a brain that didn’t know how to process it all 





She wanted to change  
To be able to love someone else  
But she was too caught up in what he wanted  
What he installed in her 




Hope Rudzinski is from North Brookfield, Mass. Recent graduate from Nichols College in Dudley, with a degree in English & Communications she is a former PR assistant for Nichols College & Alumni Relations, a features News Intern at Telegram & Gazette, and is a current Journalist intern for This Week In Worcester. She has a passion for writing and telling people's stories, including her own. She loves creative writing & poetry, anything to do with nature (sucker for sunsets), cats, entertainment/beauty sides of magazines, art, "The Scarlet Letter," and dabbling into anything creative.