Tahira Rehman

You can never be Him

Who told you your hands are softer than my clothes,
that your words of love were dearer to me than my own breath?
When you hurt me, my tears were wiped by Him and I’m sorry at that moment I forgot you.
And the comfort from Him was like a canvas newly filled with a painting;
it was like water for the thirsty man, from incompletion to completion,
like a flower newly blossomed with life.
You have given me attention, but what makes you think this is greater than my beauty?
This was created by Him, and your words still cannot define a creation from the Almighty.
Your kisses of warmth are not greater than the sun,
when I am cold, it was not you that warmed me.
Your pledges of safety are zero, but the shelter of my home is hero,
your promises are not stable, sometimes they can break - but the blessings from Him I receive have never lied to me.
The happiness you gave me lifts me so high that I even leave my food, but when I am hungry and alone, it is not you that can feed me.
Your answers to my call are meaningful, but when I am all gone it will not be you that answers me.
You can never be, and never will be what He is to me- God.


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