Tahira Rehman

Who are you

Who are you
Amidst the light.
Who are you, when you can see the stars
while darkness prevails.

Who are you
when the sun sets, half
sinking into the sea,
disappearing in the rays of your eyes.

…when poison you thought had done its hurt,
when lies and broken promises sunk in the deepest scars,
failed lessons left their mark
and you thought it was history.

…when mazes reversed to the beginning,
when you thought you were almost winning.
when the eyes could see the deceptions of gold
and the glitter couldn’t win over your sight.

who were you,
when the moon became invisible,
within the nightfall fell upon nightfall
and shadows became impossible.

You were fixed to be broken,
a clear canvas in awe of the mysteries,
a heart yearning to be loved
playing only to lose.

Who did you become,
when the crystals took off their veil,
when no soul could prevail
over the scars.
Wounds became plastered
the blurs started to fade
and true joy gave its full meaning.
Fate finally stood by your side.

You were on a standstill,
only to rise above the mountains
Where even gates could fly,
reminding you that you’d entered
and showing their face to prove your strength.
Nothing could touch you.
And what your mind conceived
you believed.


The secrets of the night started to prey on your sleepless soul
you didn’t feel so whole,
so you played against fate;
thinking you were playing well.
Old ghosts haunted the petals of your rose
that just wanted to survive
for another moment,
perhaps another day.

The prickles began to hurt,
and the fort started to shake.
The distance between winning and losing
left everything at stake.

Words that once soothed became like fire
spreading within every inch of the temple.
There were no more fairy tales.
no space to dream,
no engine in the machine,
just broken pieces left
and you grieved.

…No ropes of promises to hold on to,
No childlike sleepless nights to try and resist,
no rewards to reap from your labour.
And all the aware lions wanted to do
was prey on you.
Where did the 7th heaven go
without showing me his face.

Who can you become
when your deeds create the pitfalls you lay in.
where do you go from here
when fate’s revelation is because of you.
Who do you look to
when every reflection
as a memory of your dying beliefs.

Who will you become,
when the broken jigsaw fixes itself
before you
Telling you that you keep breaking
So that you choose God to make you whole.


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