Tahira Rehman

I miss you

I miss you.
Like something I met
after a very long time,
like something I was trying to match
like a perfect rhyme.
Except it was long in between the thunders of the winters
and separated between each raindrop trying to set
on the sunshine eventually to paint a rainbow,
for me
and for you.
Eventually to shine, not disappear
when we thought we were almost there,
almost near
to our dreams coming true,
just me
and you.
Fallacies, deceits and tears,
that fall faster than a waterfall,
feeding the beautiful ocean
and destroying its journey
to a destination
we thought was ultimate.
Lies and dishonesty,
regrets and atrocities,
I wonder if these shadows from the darkness
over me
and you.
Deeper than shades from the night sky,
darker than the winter midnight.
I try to reach it and find hidden light
and trying to remain safe at the same time
just for me
and you.
But you travel closer,
yet take footsteps away,
you show me your face
and quickly astray.
You become like a maze,
a puzzle, I try to solve
and risk everything
for me
and for you.
Tricks I thought could fool me,
games I thought I played long ago -
endings I thought I turned into new beginnings




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