Tahira Rehman


I didn’t know you truly
until I cried to the depth of my tears,
until I felt the deepest of pain,
until I felt my final tear,
could there be any more.

You’ve always been there,
but my distances never shook me,
You always loved me, you helped me
walk to you closer.

Acceptance of what you brought my way, gratefulness
of all You gave to me
are one of the many possessions I longed to have, I wished
to have the strength for.

I never saw You truly
till the glass of trials and tribulations became clearer,
till the blurs started to fade away, and
with them took away the pain.

You always answered my lost questions
when the world went silent.
You always gave me hope
when the shades of darkness covered the light
in front of my open eyes.

If it is love they call the most beautiful feeling in this world,
then I pray may it be between me
and You.



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