Judith Partelow

Moments for Reflection

Petals pressed between pages
weedy tendrils shifting in a breeze
kelp drying on dunes
bleached sheets hanging on a line
humpback whales rising

Vibrant kites against the sky
blazing autumn leaves
rocks dashed by angry waves
sun sinking behind mountain
paint speckled on a fence

Curls cascading down child's cheek
smooth stones skimmed across a pond
saxophone’s sultry moans
homeless man’s coffee-stained shirt
scent of mother's lipstick

Damp monastery walls
light streaming through windows
handwashing in warm water
kneeling in penitence
counting beads through fingers

Wisps of cool, sweet air
bells calling to supper
boys shouting, “In a minute!”
clearing the table and
shaking out the tablecloth




Judith Partelow has two poetry chapbooks and a play produced from her poetry, entitled A Woman’s Heart. Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications and has won several awards. Also an actress and director, she has lived in Dennis, MA on Cape Cod for 40+ years.