Breindel Lieba Kasher

Shiva Call


Time erased
Mornings, evenings
It was one blur, living
In the grey
You came with
Your arms full of
Love you laid
Upon our table
Reminding us of 
What it was
To live together
And care for each other

Hanging the Wash

Summer afternoon
Hanging the wash
A hot wind
Whips the clothes
Stiff, color drenched

In slow motion
A black scorpion
Lifts her tail
Like a Geisha dancer




Breindel Lieba Kasher's poems can be found in Midstream Magazine, New York; Prism: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educators, Yeshiva University; David Yellin, 21st Century Journal, Israel; Seventh Quarry Press, Wales; Off the Shelf, Boston; Poetry Superhighway, Los Angeles; Halos, Veils, Shackles, India, Voices, Israel; Deranda Review, Sketchbook, Poetica. Arc-24, two-time winner of the Reuben Rose International Poetry Competition, 2009, 2010, judge of the 2014 Reuben Rose Competition, a winner of the Cyclamens and Swords poetry contest, 2010.  Her work has been translated into German and Polish.  her  films have been shown in museums and festivals.