Ken Rosenstein

H    U
A    T

S   IN

This morning THE BOSTON GLOBE featured a story
about the completion of the Brookline-Brighton-Newton eruv
a device whereby open spaces are closed
by wire - fences,twine,cable, what have you thus creating a
boundary which serves to extend an observant Jew’s private
domain thereby allowing for the use and transport
transfer objects on the Sabbath the day of rest.
An interesting paradox: wires that enclose a space
open up possibilities, freedom of movement for those in that very space
logic that turns in my mind as a Möbius strip

This afternoon at the Brookline Booksmith my eye catches the title of a new book by the
Israeli author of The Yellow Wind David Grossman: Sleeping on a Wire:Conversations with Palestinians in Israel
For Palestinian, read Arab (Hebrew: aravi) that is to say: Israeli Arabs.Citizens of Isael.
They alone are not on the high wire - so are we both of us precariously perched
High above the circus below. My eyes stare into his: Careful. Don;t fall. For if you fall,
I fall as well.

This evening (in Hebrew: erev) I read late into the night And I remember:
Before we were Jews, we were Hebrews (ivrim) those who transferred from one land to
that land some of whose descendants would “transfer” Israeli Arabs over to Jordan as easily as one transfers keys to a pocket with an eruv.


It’s only a matter of changing/exchanging one letter (life) for another.

Or two. Or three.