Ken Rosenstein

Threads of Life: Ki Tisa

The delicate scent of incense
Permeates the air
Myrrh and frankincense commingle in this space
Our sanctuary built of us from the
Smallest to the greatest
Robed in the majesty and splendor
In wisdom and understanding
Aaron the High Priest stands before us
Arrayed in the mantle of Light
Primordial Light suffuses us as at the Beginning
The blazier’s flame reflected in his eye
The flame that ignited the Burning Bush
Fires the altar of our hearts
Which serve the One Who Is, Was, Will be
Oil and water flow over the head of Aaron
The proto Messiah as halacha and aggadah
Consecrating him consecrating us when we flow with the
Currents of law and legend that course throughout our history
Streams of consciousness that undulate quiescently besides our
Vines and fig trees planted by still waters
We sleep unafraid for we have plucked
Rich fruit from that Tree of Knowledge that
Tree of Life whose wood provided planks for
Our sanctuary fashioned by Bezalel
He who crafts in the shadow of God
In the shadow of God we fashion our lives
Weaving together life’s delicate threads
The warp and the woof of halachah and aggadah
The crimson of passion the blue of quiet intellect
The silver that roots us to this earth
The gold that radiates throughout our lives
When our eyes are as open as Moses’ were
On that Mount 40 days and 40 nights
His face radiant as the Gold Letters
Engraved on the Rock that is our being
Seeing ourselves face to face as Moses beheld
You in the cleft of the rock
Your Presence filled the place as
The Place was with the Servant of God
Shielded by the Hand that
Fashioned us all out of the red clay from the
Four corners of the world
Breathing into our nostrils the breath of life
A covenant fashioned that day between You and me
On that day we put our finery and embraced Your Teachings:

The Breath of Life is in those whose livelihood is not gained at
The expense of others as a kid boiled in its mother’s milk
The Breath of Life is in those who are nourished by
Unleavened bread whose hubris does not rise as the
Yeast in the dough
The Breath of Life is in those who sow seeds of creativity
Offering the first fruits of their labor their finest work
Harvesting when it is ripe
The Breath of Life is in those who honor the Shabbat Queen
The Breath of Life is in those whose hands are full of God’s Work
As the pomegranate is full of seeds.

Golden Light shone from the face of Moses
The Light that God created before Creation
Filled our beings that day
Anointed in the Light as Aaron and David
We greeted each other face to face
And dwelt in the Sanctuary of our Heart