Ken Rosenstein

For Those Who Were Lost on September 11

As the Holy Temple burned
The High Priest consigned the keys to its doors heavenward
A Divine Hand emerged from above and clasped
Them to its Heart

As the Twin Towers burned
Millennia later
God Allah the Holy Ghost Shekhina Shikeina
Unlock the keys to our hearts

Tears rain down
Upon the smoldering ruins
Of desecrated ground of hallowed ground
Of holocausted ground

By the waters of the Hudson we lay down and wept
By the waters of the Potomac we lay down and wept
By the waters of Stoney Creek we lay down and wept


For those lost on that day
Weeping even more for those 19 whose souls were so lost to God
Before that day had even dawned that they felt their only option lay in
Losing their lives and thousands upon thousands of innocent victims

May the tears that fall upon Ground Zero
May the tears that bathe the Pentagon
May the tears that shower that field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania

Be not only tears of sorrow of pain of anguish of despair of rage but ultimately
Tears of understanding of commitment of reconciliation
The tears of Jacob and Esau who wept upon
Each other’s necks after half a lifetime estrangement