Jill Hammer and Rachel Kann

Leaving Sodom


Out there
is a pillar of salt
or of fire.

I can’t tell you which it is,
only that it glows in the moonlight
and sings to itself

and if you go that way,
you’ll find it.



That way
is this path—
it calls you in reverse,
jumbles your name
in the wind’s mirror—
still, you can’t help
but hear it.

Keep your eyes on the
crossroads as you travel

one tentative-heeled step,
then another.
Keep walking,
keep watching your
shrinking in the distance,

until you feel
the lick of heat
against your neck.

Don’t turn around.

Not yet.



Stand back-to-back
with the white-hot
moonlit secret
humming its way
into your spine.

With every step, you’ve fled
the city of
hollow desire,
left behind
the salt-strewn fields
you sowed there
and the ladder
you climbed
to its loneliest

Now you know
(though you’ve never
the place you came from.

It’s time to face
the music.