Rachel Kann

Roses and Thunder

יש and roses and thunder.
את and jasmine and metamorphosis.

Who is this Eve?

What garden does she haunt?

Where is the lethal serpent 
everyone speaks of?
What snap of bite into apple
cracks through the ruby skin,
firm to bursting?

What crisp white flesh is this?

What sweetness
that drips down her chin?

What is this churning of the earth 
beneath her dusty feet?

What florid, black richness
creeps between her toes,
beckons her shins,
calves, knees, hips?

Who placed these angels— 
meant to terrify—
upon the lintel,
swords aflame and spinning?

Whose hand opens the gate
and locks it fast again?

Who pierced this dome of night?

What bloodsister’s infinity of pinpricks
upon her indigo palm
released the lily streamers to unfurl;
to dangle with
the lusciousness of temptation?




Rachel Kann’s latest poetry collection is How to Bless the New Moon, from Ben Yehuda Press. She is a poet, performer, ceremonialist and teaching artist. She’s a 2019 WORD: Bruce Geller Memorial Prize recipient. Her poetry collections include A Prayer on Behalf of the Broken Heart and 10 for Everything. She is the author of the children’s book, You Sparkle Inside. 

Her writing appears in journals such as Soul-Lit, Tiferet, Eclipse, Permafrost, Coe Review, Sou’wester, GW Review and Quiddity. She's a resident writer for Hevria, where she’s also featured as a performing artist on The Hevria Sessions

She’s performed her poetry in venues such as Disney Concert Hall, Royce Hall, The Broad Stage and The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts. 

She is a 2019 Inquiry Fellow through American Jewish University’s Institute for Jewish Creativity and was a 2017 Asylum Arts Reciprocity Fellow and the 2017 Outstanding Instructor of the Year at UCLA Extension Writers' Program. 

Her Spoken Word Visual Album, The Quickening, has received accolades from film festivals in Florence, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and New York. 

She leads Realize Paradise Shabbat Soul Journeys and New Moon Union Rosh Chodesh Circles and is initiated as Tzovah through Kohenet: The Hebrew Priestess Training Program.