Betty Aberlin



Snow has grounded the warplanes.

High in the mountains, young soldiers
live their last days in wintry fear.
Mothers, fathers, children and elders
wait trembling under the country's flag.

We don't yet know whom we have killed.
The news reports name different foes.
I wake from such a lovely dream:
two babies fly in place beside their Moms,
nearby a woman cheers.
I wave at a pietà boy
contorted in his father's arms.

His brown-skinned mother kindly smiles
as he does.  I am asked on stage
where all lame anguished will be healed.
There a fountain bright as light,
dancers in white tunics leap high up in air
and we are told to "jump for joy!"




Betty Aberlin, native New Yorker, actor in musical theater, comedy revues, children's television & Kevin Smith films, published The White Page Poems, responses to George MacDonald's 1880 Diary of an Old Soul in 2008 (Zossima Press). Studied creative writing at Bennington College with Bernard Malamud and Howard Nemerov. There she was accidentally put off poetry by a comment she took literally - "Cousin Betty you will never be a poet" - not knowing her teacher was quoting Dryden's response to Jonathan Swift. So much for higher education. Currently working on a one-act play & feeding the wild birds in a small town upstate, she is grateful and honored to be included in this spiritual volume.