Betty Aberlin


Planet Without Visa

for Sylvia Ageloff

He loved his mother best, said he
had to kill Trotsky, had to con you,
you, naive, who tried to find his non- 
existent workplace, made him promise: 
"Don't go into the compound without me."
Taken in utterly, as the Catalans say, 
"He cut your hair". Through your love 
the death of Leon Davidovich arrives, 
& you, twice-bereft, dupe, go mad, 
having nowhere else to go.

The FSP (once KGB) has a Memory Room.
In high position in that room is the killer Jackson,
alias Jacques Mornard Vanderdreschd, 
aka Jaime Ramon Mercader Del Rio Hernandez.

I love

Who could believe a man with such a name 
could love someone simple as you?
What name did you call him, held close in his arms, 
believing he loved you in truth?




Betty Aberlin, native New Yorker, actor in musical theater, comedy revues, children's television & Kevin Smith films, published The White Page Poems, responses to George MacDonald's 1880 Diary of an Old Soul in 2008 (Zossima Press). Studied creative writing at Bennington College with Bernard Malamud and Howard Nemerov. There she was accidentally put off poetry by a comment she took literally - "Cousin Betty you will never be a poet" - not knowing her teacher was quoting Dryden's response to Jonathan Swift. So much for higher education. Currently working on a one-act play & feeding the wild birds in a small town upstate, she is grateful and honored to be included in this spiritual volume.