Betty Aberlin


Easter/Pascha 1999

The Vatican has said No to
the morning-after pill for
victims of rape in Kosovo.
In ethnic warfare, women are
taken in front of their families,
to destroy, shame, satisfy lust
in the valley of the shadow of death.

Assuming these women survive, shunned,
to bear children conceived by force,
the blended genetics of such Serb-
Albanian innocents would stain lives:
new sorrowful fruit of bitter enemies.

These old priests ask a lot in the name
of one they swore to serve, the Jew
our risen Lord, son of man, Christ Jesus,
who would offer these, harvested 
of paradise, a tender welcome.

They ask the devastated families of
Allah's devout children to adopt the
daughters and sons of Orthodoxy,
fathered in hell by the Body of God!



Betty Aberlin, native New Yorker, actor in musical theater, comedy revues, children's television & Kevin Smith films, published The White Page Poems, responses to George MacDonald's 1880 Diary of an Old Soul in 2008 (Zossima Press). Studied creative writing at Bennington College with Bernard Malamud and Howard Nemerov. There she was accidentally put off poetry by a comment she took literally - "Cousin Betty you will never be a poet" - not knowing her teacher was quoting Dryden's response to Jonathan Swift. So much for higher education. Currently working on a one-act play & feeding the wild birds in a small town upstate, she is grateful and honored to be included in this spiritual volume.