Mani G. Iyer

Love in the Air


On the sofa for two
under dim lights we snuggle.
She reads a poem to me
as she does every night.

This November night, Hafiz declares:
the subject tonight is love
and for tomorrow night as well.
As a matter of fact, I know
of no better topic
for us to discuss until we die!

I imagine Hafiz
seated in a Persian garden.
His face caressed by a breeze
carrying a scent of roses
with hints of soil pounded earlier
by much needed rain,
and he is seeing
in his beloved's eyes
what I hear
in my wife's voice.





Mani G. Iyer was born and raised in Bombay, India and now resides in Massachusetts. He is deaf-blind and his poems have appeared in Off the Coast, Poems2Go and The Helicon Poetry Journal (translated to Hebrew). His chapbook Water Festival was selected as a finalist in the 2017 Letterpress chapbook competition.