Robbie Gamble

At Day’s End

we came in, wearywise

to sit down at the table
share food & drink & stories
& linger on each other’s faces
holding our common grief
over the horrors of this world

& at the same time, we came in

tingling, to sit at the table
with our food & drink & stories
content to linger and hold
each other’s crinkled gaze, rejoicing
over the hilarities of this world

& all the while, the table was listening, listening

& what the table heard was heaven




Robbie Gamble lives in Brookline, Massachusetts. He holds an MFA in poetry at Lesley University, and works as a nurse practitioner caring for homeless people in Boston. His work has been published in The American Journal of Poetry, Writers Resist, Poet Lore, Solstice, and Carve.