Jocelyn Moore


The Consecration of Chaos

Stories of the humdrum,

with hints of mayhem

point to the miracle in the mundane;

beatitude in the boredom

of everyday life.

One mark of mastery

is to lift the scale of a fish,

wash the scales off my eyes,

examine under lying flesh wounds

with an unjaded view.

The universe in a gesture,

millennium in a mothers call,

an uncommon common place.

We all belong to the Stammtisch,

in grace at the table of life.





Jocelyn Moore is a salmonid aficionado who cherishes the open spaces, clean waters and mountain-like deposits of snowfall at her Wyoming home. Her poems and writings have been published by Rats Ass Review, Round Robin, WyoPoets, The Avocet, Kaleidoscope, Wyoming Writers Inc., Hydroquest, Writing Women of Zurich, American Planning Association, The Contributor and Pudding Magazine.  Next to standing thigh deep in water, her favorite haunt is a 1953 log cabin in the Bridger-Teton Wilderness with her Catahoula-mix pup, Beowulf.