Vladimir Konieczny



Oh, for God's sakes, shut up.
Relax that cynical brow,
straighten those cankered lips.
You have no faith?

Well, friend, neither do I.
So, there’ll be no swearing
by anything holy except the sentimentality
that's usurped its place.

Still, he did come for me last night,
like a traveller to an empty inn,
and my soul stretched out in greeting,
then snapped back, wary of his intent.

He sat and spoke of many things,
I never imagined he would speak.
Of Bach and Chaucer and both Johns,
And even ancient Greece.

Then, sated like a dinner guest,
He stood and left the room,
Footsteps cracking like beetles
Squashed by a cold, flat stone.




Vladimir Konieczny is a freelance writer/instructor. He’s also published two books about the pianist Glenn Gould, and is currently working on a graphic novel about him.  When not writing, he plays bassoon, clarinet and flute with various groups in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. Reach him at vkonik@shaw.ca