Kenzo Fukuda



“I don’t sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death." - N.Y State of Mind by Nas


and Death

Argue to Nyx

about who gets each child


Sleep asks for eternal rest

Death asks for merciful end

The Fates’ string is not yet woven

Before Nyx can decide

Hemera emerges

chasing Hypnos and Thanatos

Back towards Tartarus




The Lies We’re Told

I promise, where I’m taking you

is guarded with guns

And filled with bread


The water is home

but home is an eventual death

there’s gold where you’re headed

A sword will begin your ascension


It’s. Just. Us.

And the lamp

Follow it

to walk on water






Flaked with orange, the water was set ablaze
Thin and low, the flame rose from the center
Teetered side to side

The water rippled with each step the flame took
Until the flame gained its balance
The water rippled with each turn the flame took
and soon it began to dance

Step, step, twist, turn, step, step

to the beat of the wind
with the waves in the water
Each step trailed with fire
the twist orbited by sparks

water became fire
fire became smoke
and smoke became sparks




Kenzo Fukuda is a 15 year-old, highschool sophomore in the Creative Writing Department at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San Francisco, California.