Michael G. Smith 


A Bodhisattva-In-Training Contemplates the Buddhist Monks

Images come from no image, and words come from no word.
- Hui-ching
(Red Pine, trans.)                                                                                  


Lattes cooling, the Buddhist monks
tap their smartphones.

Rhododendrons blooming outside the windows,
they are drunk on texts and pictures.

Vice-Minister of War Ouyang Hsiu got drunk
on leafing trees, singing birds and the East Wind.

When he woke up,
Spring was no longer new.




How the Zen Man Practices


In a volcanic land
the riverside pool

is a hot spring.
Or isn’t.

The dog runs into the pool
then shuns waters.

The Zen man is clear
about the fear that owns the dog.







A chemist, Michael G. Smith's poetry has been published in many journals. No Small Things was published by Tres Chicas Books in 2014. The Dippers Do Their Part, a collaboration with artist Laura Young, was published by Miriam’s Well in 2015. Flip Flop, a collaboration of haiku with Miriam Sagan, was published by Miriam’s Well in 2017.