Patti Pangborn 


The Following is an Abstract Representation of Actual Events

I was saved at the altar several times as I grew up in church. I kept doing it over and over so I could be sure it would take and because of the way the act felt. I would resist the call to the altar at first, thinking the timing wasn’t right, conditions weren’t met. Eventually, after several hymns were sung, I’d feel like this might be it. It was like everyone was waiting for me to make a move. Just the act of standing up from the pew and walking down the aisle to the altar made the moment change. I would imagine my heart as a door, swinging open. Each time, I hoped something would happen. I wanted to hear a voice speaking to me, feel arms around me, I even hoped for a spontaneous rapture with the church ceiling opening like a trap door and angels descending.






Patti Jeane Pangborn is a PhD student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She holds an MFA in poetry from Columbia College Chicago. Her poems have appeared in Columbia Poetry Review issue 27 and Shadowgraph Quarterly. She is originally from Michigan.