Tiel Aisha AnsariĀ 


"House on Fire" at Cedar Mesa

Strange to see a house with shadows falling
up against the roof. As if this canyon
hung in air, inverted like the tolling
reminiscent bells.

And some companion

finds me in the solitude of mountains,
draws me to this red rock, draws me under
(I forget the drip-drop sound of fountains),
shows me dust. O listen to the thunder.

What it said. It whispered. 'Anasazi
ghost, you show me fear in shapes of painted
stone. But we're old enemies, acquainted
far too well. The years of kamikaze
bombers and of tear-gas crowd control
have scarred the same red shadows on my soul.



Tiel Aisha Ansari is a Sufi warrior poet. Her work has been featured by Fault Lines Poetry, Windfall, KBOO and Prairie Home Companion among others. Her books include Knocking from Inside and High-Voltage Lines. She works as a data analyst for the Portland Public School district and currently serves as president of the Oregon Poetry Association. Visit her online at knockingfrominside.blogspot.com