Welcome to Soul-Lit, Spring 2017.

My dear friend and a Soul-Lit co-founder, Deborah Leipziger, recently offered me
a rather challenging opportunity: to create a poem a day for
a month in response to prompts that would be provided.
Deb had decided to take up this challenge and invited me
to join her. I was, to say the least, skeptical (terrified,
to say the most!) I had always considered myself a
“when the Muse shows up” sort of poet, and had not written
à vue since high-school English. Still, I decided to give it a go – and surprised
myself! Not only, it seemed, was it possible to write even with the most bizarre
prompts, it was actually enjoyable. And in the end, Deb and I were left in possession
of thirty new poems we felt quite good about.

And so, I’d like to extend to you
an invitation (and a challenge).
This edition of Soul-Lit offers
twenty-eight poems, including
five by our amazing feature, Carolyn Martin. Although I know that “binge watching”
seems to all the rage at present, I’d like to invite you to its opposite  -- to read
one (and only one) of these poems each day, for twenty-eight consecutive days.
It is spring, after all, the season of becoming. So allow this edition to become,
to unfold, poem by poem, to be savored with a commitment only to unhurriedness.
Just think what a summer might then come to possess us!



Wayne-Daniel Berard