Lisa D. Kaufman 


Left behind by dogs
Making circles out from clouds
Zig zag a path for me to visit again
Your coat sable and tan reflect in my eye
Glittering by my side before tumbling away
Sinking the snow into memories of barking





The Backup

When he goes out there the wind starts up
and sometimes he’ll find six dollar coins
or brings home a fingerbone encircled by a ring
thrown into a hole before being buried
but it has to be metallic to make that beep
and the ground is often hard
so he wears a bulky parka that puffs pretty near his middle
mostly around the pockets
and the hood snaps-on red in the back
instead of a cape
he bears a tall nylon bag for the fully assembled detector
slung over his shoulder
as though a longbow for firing
or splitting arrows along the side of superheroes
for the most part he finds pocket change
and copper plated pennies
and wishes for more of the good stuff
so he goes back everyday
carrying a blue Market Basket bag
filled with recycled Marvel Comic books
and an extra bologna sandwich





Lisa D. Kaufman is a visual artist, a poet and a yoga teacher. Her poems have been published in several print and online publications, including: Constellations Volume 6: INTERFERENCE (Fall 2016), Ibbetson Street #39, The “Lyrical Somerville” column of The Somerville News, Somerville, MA., Bagels with the Bards: Anthology Number 4/Number 5/Number 6, and Wilderness House Literary Review. She can be reached at