Linda O'Connell  

This Night Moon

I do not know what loving message
the moon
keeps trying to tell me-
his face translucent,
splayed out into
the silence of the night.
I'm addicted to it whatever it is.
Sometimes, it seems
the only thing
on earth without 
or answers.
The one thing
that is completely
with the world,
and thankfully says so.
I admire that about the moon.
And I wait in the blue hour-
in the faraway noise of the air,
hold my breath, reach up...
and onto a white page,
place him in my poem.

Copyright 2016 Linda R. O’Connell




Linda O'Connell has been intensely interested in writing poetry for a little over 5 years. She audited a Romantic Poetry course at Wellesley College and got hooked on poetry (and writing) for the first time in her life. She fell in love with writing poetry after writing my very first poem called "I Loved You" in 2008 in response to losing a child mid-term.  Her works range from the fun to the intensely personal.