Jennifer Lothrigel 

To Lift Darkness


Rise gently
Rise like buoyant limbs in a celestial ocean,
like there is no other destination.

Be a body of dreams
and wild bushes.
Be dreams that snuck out your bedroom window last night
and ran naked through the damp woods.
Be the shiver and the air breathing together at your skin’s surface.

Be the wild bush with glowing edges
and abundant plump berry offerings.
Be living kindness.

Be mindful of the way infinity rests her mind
on your shoulder.
Rise up with a cloak of invisible plush blankets
softening your arrival.

Rest into the humble imperfect moment
and let it devour you.

Wholly fearless of your ego death,
become something other than what you were yesterday.

Become the fragrance of the white sage leaf lifting itself into the morning light.
Become the impossible, unknown, uncapable, insignificant thing
that shakes free one more bit of transcendence from the dreaming Spirit
of the Universe.




Jennifer Lothrigel is a poet and artist residing in the San Francisco Bay area.  Her work has been published in The Bitter Oleander, Poetry Quarterly, Mystic Illuminations, Cicatrix Publishing, Five Poetry and elsewhere.