Deborah Leipziger 

The Northern Lights are Fading


Remind me of the colors of the Northern Lights
Refresh the view
Repaint the image

Green and pulsating like a heartbeat you tell me

But this is your memory, not mine

We had gone out
heeding the call:
go out into that good night

The lights begin in the horizon
beaming out

Sometimes purple yellow
the memory of a bruise

Sometimes green
emerald growing paler

Sometimes orange
pink like the afterglow of thunder

Memory is a painter



Fibonacci* flowers

There is a pattern to petals
1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13
Each number combining
to add up to the next

Seeking symmetry
in geometry’s garden
I count petals
rain pelting the clematis
Random, not random, random

The numbers echo
in the tail of a salamander

From fiddlehead ferns
to the spiraling chambers of the nautilus
our world is full of echoes

*In mathematics, the Fibonacci sequence refers to the numbers 0, 1, and each subsequent number thereafter which is the sum of the previous two.



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