Judy Katz-Levine 

Sonnet On Humans/Universe At Midnight


After midnight the fan in summer sings.
Night with its onyx windows
into distant galaxies, the sable seas of air, the solar
winds, hum with electrons bouncing.
Light with hands of G-d waterfalls through space.
In our human incarnations we are snowdrifts in a symmetry
of white dwarfs and black holes.  We are frozen
in a landscape of blood.  We are refugees
from a universe of infinite fingerprints, orbits
that prophecy as infinitesimal eyes watch
stellar explosions.  The lines of our hands writing a parable in
a palm, the whistling dust light from moons orbiting
in galaxies, the massacres that create our thumb prints -
contrasted with grief born in our faces/ is stellar eternity.




Judy Katz-Levine is an internationally published poet, whose books include “When The Arms Of Our Dreams Embrace”, “Ocarina”, and “When Performers Swim, The Dice Are Cast”.  Poems have appeared recently in “Miriam's Well”, “Salamander”, “Ibbetson Street”, “Muddy River Poetry Review”, and “Gravel”.  She is also a jazz flutist and performs often in the Boston area, giving poetry readings and performing in jazz ensembles.