Bettina Marie Walker 

Adulteress Anomia

It’s a sin
to covet your
neighbor’s husband
She was told
by the Sermon
while sitting in the pew
of her mama’s church
and by meddling friends
--that she will burn
to charred ash

But when his lips
talk to areola’s tips
they trample
and circle
worse than
bringing down walls of
unabated desires
within her
forcing her
to cross killing fields
to quench the fire
that burns red
across her skin






You ask for God’s will
to be done and not your own
but continue to be obedient
to Flesh’s rule
over your heart and thoughts

When Sin slithers
bearing fangs
and bite
Your deflated ego blows out
Wobbling like tires with no air
Leaving you stranded
on a desolate road
with no way
to reach your journey
except to saunter and relish
in the life lessons
of humility that
will follow




Bettina Marie Walker is a poet, writer, and Pre-Med graduate with a minor in Writing and Communications, Media Arts and Theatre from Chicago State University. She is currently completing two Master’s programs, one for Executive Leadership and the other in Molecular Biology.  Bettina has studied abroad in France and Accra Ghana, and performed at the Panafest.