Lisa C.Taylor 

Driving in Fog

Each bend in the road,
a gauzy veer
toward twilight sleep,
landmarks cocooned
as if the same cul de sac
was at the end of every turn. 

A falling-off-the-cliff
sensation at the top of a hill
where the dead or lost
may come bounding
alongside the car:
dogs, relatives,
old friends,

with no progress toward destination,
just a mythologizing
of the process,
as if my hand on the steering wheel
was clarity
and all paths

led me
where I needed most to go.



Lisa C. Taylor is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently Necessary Silence (Arlen House/Syracuse University Press, 2013). Her poetry and fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and both genres have been widely published in literary magazines including Worcester Review, Connecticut River Review, WomensArtQuarterly, Map Literary, Crannog, and Birmingham Poetry Review. Her debut fiction collection is called Growing a New Tail (Arlen House/Syracuse University Press, 2015).

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