Mike Sopko  

Poem #1

Night of Brahma

So dark, so black, I’m trapped.  I’m gonna slip and trip.  So much anxiety, can’t I just see, the sun rise just one more time? Never-ending night and its nursery rhymes and cursory chimes, fear’s in my eyes, as I feel for familiarity and stability but all that’s shown to me is the black unknown. I’m thrown in this world, more like hurled like a ball at a wall, or hurled like vomit on a bathroom stall at last call. Now I’m all dripping here in this night of fear with too many demons in my ear and the only teachers and preachers are thou-sands of falling sands away, twinkling their starry display, with the guru moon, and its constant croon, clinging to bringing light to my night, but no matter what they all say or how close they come, I’ll still be numb, it’ll still be dark, it’ll still be night, I’ll still be lost, I’ll still feel fright. So much light surrounds the night, even lightning bugs tug and vie for our vision but our eyes choose a narrow arrow’s precision for the black bullseye of the myopic mind.

Will I one day say, “I lost the night and won the sun”?
In the east of my heart, where it’s all begun.

What’s the difference between night and day? Our lives are the same but we walk The Way. We can see very clearly, not merely the quirky workings of the mindless mind, but we find ourselves in line and aligned with God’s Design. No more fear, no more tears, we hear the elation in the cosmic vibration. We know our station and our life’s vocation. When light is all around and our consciousness is limitless, we can see that darkness is just the unnecessary inevitability of duality, and there is a beyond where we break our bond to a false identity, and we are just…





Mike Sopko writes about spirituality using different styles of writing, with the ability to rap in twisting word formations, lead us on guided meditations, or create deep, heartfelt prayers that can’t help but bring tears to our eyes. The content of these writings is heavily influenced by his faith in Krishna, his upbringing as a Catholic, and his relationships with his many gurus, friends and family.