Terry Severhill 

God is Perfect


God can also be cruel
In a perfect sort of way.
He encircles the Earth with water
Wide and deep.
It laps upon the shore of a distant desert
Too salty to drink.
He has created lovers, soulmates
Pleasing to look upon,
Keen of wit.
Placed on opposite sides of the Earth
100 years apart.
He created unicorns
And set them free
Some here
Some there.
Disguised so perfectly
That even we don’t know who we are.



Terry Severhill resides in Vista, Ca [San Diego county] where he writes and reads at several open mics a month. He has five authority figures  to deal with, two cats (top of the food chain), two dogs (I clean up after them, feed them and give a belly rub when demanded.) and Mary, his wife of forty years whom he loves and adores. And he has been published about a dozen times, zines and several anthologies.