Sheri Linder 

The Irresistible Religious Urge

One-Fifteen A.M. December 25, 2015

None of it has meaning
the universe, God, spirit
whatever we name it
is not sentient
though we cannot resist
assigning meaning
to random
of manmade
calendars, dates, times, myths, moments
but still
this moon
within the skylight frame
bright enough
for me to write this
by its light alone
spotlights my pillow
an Illumination
a Visitation
I wouldn’t dare
go so far as to name
holds me Spellbound
my head
like those saints
in Byzantine depiction
haloed around
with a golden disk of light
Awake to my life
and though I know this night
is without inherent meaning
underscored by the
mundane guttural
ever-present snoring
from the pillow beside mine
I am cradled by this night
This Night
O Holy Night.




Sheri Lindner, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, poet and essayist.  She was awarded First Prize in the 2nd AnnualNassau County Poet Laureate Society Contest, and is currently the associate editor of Jewish Women’s Literary Annual.  Her book of collected writings is entitled Opening Eden’s Gate.