Winter 2016

Auden has famously written, “For poetry makes nothing happen.” We at Soul-Lit would
respectfully differ.

Since our last issue in the summer of 2015, our lives have been rocked by the reality
and possibility of violence on many levels, from many sources. Reactions and
responses to this violence have been widespread and varied,
many of them equally disturbing in their own right.

The voice of the poet and the commission of poetry in
our world have rarely been more essential.

It is our hope and our daring assurance that the poems
offered here will indeed help make something happen  --
unapologetic insight, blinderless hope, even insistent joy.
So that, to quote our feature, Boston Poet Laureate
Danielle Georges, “the impossible task of breathing”
may become that much more possible,
when that breath fills the
mouth of poems.

With the farming of a verse
Make a vineyard of the curse.


Wayne-Daniel Berard