Deborah Leipziger

Deborah LeipzigerDeborah Leipziger is an author and poet. Her poetry has been featured in Ibbetson Street, Voices Israel, Bagels with the Bards, Popt Art, Scribblers on the Roof, The Muddy River Poetry Review, Zingology, Poetic Mindset, Levend Joods Geloof (Netherlands) and on the public television show, Brookline Writes.  Ms. Leipziger is the founder of the Jewish Poetry Fest sponsored by Temple Sinai in Brookline. She is currently working on her first chapbook.

Deborah is the author of several books in the field of corporate responsibility, including The Corporate Responsibility Code Book, now in its second edition. Her books on human rights have been translated into Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese.

Born in Brazil, Deborah has travelled to many countries throughout Latin and Central America, Europe and Asia, working with companies, governments, and civil society groups promoting more humane workplaces.

Deborah is the mother of three daughters, Natasha Lara, Jacqueline Lucia and Alexandra Nicole: her three muses.