McKenzie Janes


Darling I want to ravish your mind
Crawl inside your skin, my forever home
Breathe in your sighs
Embrace your agony and kiss your gloom

Darling I want you
Want you to show me radiance and what colors mean
Want you because loving you is the warm sun pressing on my closed eyelids
I want you to bring me to heaven, lead me to ecstasy
I want you to show me God behind your smile, written on your tongue

Darling I need you
Need your love, your longing
Need your heart thumping in my hands and your veins tangled around my wrist
Need your structure shadowing my own
Need to listen to the rumble of your chest as you laugh
Need to feel the things only you can make me feel

Darling you don’t exist
Haven’t found anyone to show me that love is alive
Haven’t been taught how to read a religion composed on another’s body
Haven’t given my heart for someone else to warm
Haven’t found the will to kiss someone instead of the lips of a bottle
I have no reason to rescue myself
I haven’t been willing to not seclude myself