Giti Ganjei

Ordinary things

There is lots of beauty in ordinary things

Waking up to face of your lover,
Drinking coffee in the morning, Watering flowers in your kitchen

They are all are ordinary

I come to kitchen every morning to make my coffee,
I look toward the window
I smile as I notice the irony of two plants next to each other

One short, dark green rough, unfolding in joy of gratification
The other is a tall rising flower stem with red buds at the end,
arises to flourish at its maturity

I woke up this morning, not finding my lover next to me,
feeling incomplete, disappointed

I come to kitchen, coffee, window, plants!
I smiled again

Here, love's merit has manifested itself
Two plants, waking up next to each other every morning,
satisfied, complete, and beautifully ordinary