O, Must We Dream Our Dreams!


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The genie rubs out the way nectar trembles,
he asks me if I've heard the Shofar today, 
I reply yesterday but not today 
would I like to?
Warm as a Womb and silent as a Chamber -- We are the sacred,
the marrow of the river turns into a golden river of sky, 
girl with red ribbons in her hair, books under her arm, charmed by the light of morning, 
I find myself wanting to pledge passionate promises to you, wanting to bargain with you,
Life is much more fulfilling if you would be
coming to exist as music,
so come sleep the dance of music
Oh must we dream our dreams and have them, too?


Rama Ramaswamy

Richard Fox

Leslie A. Fortier

Lisa Taylor

Danielle Legros Georges

Jules Collins

Reggie Gibson

Carolyn Martin