Fall/Winter 2018

Welcome to our Fall/Winter issue.

We are particularly thrilled to have as our feature poet
the gifted Sarah Law, founder and editor of Amethyst Review,
a British online journal of spiritual poetry and prose.
We at Soul-Lit were delighted to find that we had a sister publication “across the pond.” 

We live in a time of deep, on-going awakening, which brings with it, of course,
a commensurate pushback. The blossoming of spiritual creative writing across
the globe and the appearance of more and more venues for it is, for us, a sign
of an emergent spring in the often-discouraging, insistent winter of these times.

We hope that very soon, more and more outposts of a spiritual dawn will join
Amethyst Review
and Soul-Lit in offering vessels for this flowering light.

Who knows? Perhaps a reader of these very words might be inspired to initiate
just such a new vessel themselves? (If so, please do let us know?)


Wayne-Daniel Berard