Spring 2019

This year, it is an odd type of becoming, of re-greening,
especially for those empaths of full words and empty spaces
whom we call “poets.”

One of John Berryman’s Dream Songs warns,
There may be horribles.” Yet cummings asserts
that spring is “changing everything carefully.”

This edition’s amazing feature poet, Betty Aberlin, writes what we all feel:
I weep without ceasing, praying for hope.”  

At the same time, Rachel Kann,
the Tzovah (Temple Keeper),
bears witness to
the ineffable substance/our every atom pushing through.

For me, to publish an edition of spiritual poetry in such a Spring as ours
is perhaps to build the type of altar upon which Rabbi Jill Hammer recommends,
“put something on it for life/Something for death.”

Welcome to Soul-Lit, Spring 2019. May you find it as all-encompassingly
real as the season itself.



Wayne-Daniel Berard