Summer 2019


We have all sought 
asylum we have all
massed at the border
seeking the America
we’d heard of we have
all been separated from
her we all live in cages 
we are none of us counted 
so that when asylum seeks us 
we’ll be nowhere to be found 
leaving no choice but 
this always this



My dear friend retired BC Theology Professor John McDargh writes of “the perennial power of poetry as a privileged medium for the way human beings most meaningfully deliver their lives to one another, and in the process become more whole and healed.” *

In my own lifetime, I can think of no other period in which we have had greater need of this power, this medium for becoming whole and healed, than right now.

We are indeed privileged to engage with poetry and to offer the asylum that is spiritual poetry. Soul-Lit and efforts like it are part of that “asylum seeking us,” insisting upon, illuminating other choices than “this, always this.”

Our amazing feature poet, January O’Neil, uses the term “grace ache.” To me, this speaks of seeing the grace, feeling the grace, aching with that process of becoming more whole and healed, and aching as well to extend it to others.

It speaks of souls that are lit as harbors of compassion, the channel to their havens buoy-marked with poems.

Welcome to Soul-Lit Summer 2019.





* John McDargh. Imaging the Real: The Art of Poetry and the Art of Pastoral Attending. Pastoral Psychology. Volume 6, Issue 3, June 2011