Spring 2020

Poetry in a time of pandemic.

What is it? What can it be?

When everything seems to be isolation, warning upon
warning, limitless fear and limited responses, is it appropriate
to even think in terms of spiritual poetry, let alone publish a journal dedicated to it?

And a Spring Edition, no less – has ever a Spring seemed more sarcasm than season?

Should this edition have been cancelled, as, it appears, everything else has been? . . .

Pandemic is defined as “an epidemic that has spread across the entire world.”

So perhaps – just perhaps – the appropriate response to pandemic is, must be . . . panpoetic?

Soul-Lit’s Spring Edition offers poetry from across the entire globe,
spanning faith traditions, including unspecified, unbridled faith as a
cherished tradition in and of itself.

As such,

The poems of this edition are the singing of songs to one another across
the closed canals of Venice.

The poems of this edition are the local pizza parlor offering free
slices to all children whose school lunch has abruptly vanished.

The poems of this edition are a student on spring break texting her panicked
technosaurus of a professor, offering to come help him with his first-ever
online classes (thank you, Ashley).

They are our incredible feature poet, Ken Rosenstien, insisting still that
beauty and compassion fall from heaven like the rain.

They are the assurances of Deborah Leipziger, co-founder of this journal
and flower poet, that we, like the irises, are

Ventricle by ventricle,
an internal map

a propulsion from within
lavender and plum

Welcome to the uncancelled lighting of the soul, arriving, we would maintain,
at just the right season.

Please share this edition with -- well, everyone!