Winter 2019

Welcome to Soul-Lit Fall/Winter, 2019.

As one of our two feature poets, Rachel Kann,
comments in their interview, “Life! Who can predict it?”

Yes, we have two feature poets this issue -- a first for us – Jill Hammer and Rachel Kann.
And, as you will see, their shared interview is every bit as sustaining and sweet
as their poems (including one which they co-authored for this issue!)

But, I feel, the same can be said
about all the amazing poets and poetry of this issue,
which spans generations, backgrounds, and continents.

What unites them?

Jill Hammer writes that “Poetry employs a kind of prophetic intuition –
it is an attempt to speak something true about the world while in vibrant relationship to that world.”

Rachel Kann feels that “It has to do with awe and ecstatic mystery . . .
with longing and human meaning. It has to do with all of this,
as filtered through the heartrendingly limited human experience.”

Life! Who can predict it? We certainly cannot – except to say that the poets and poetry we at Soul-Lit are truly honored to share shine and sing beyond any prediction we could ever make.



Wayne-Daniel Berard